Why Next In Office?

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Speak Out as a Candidate!

Considering running for public office but aren't quite sure if you should? Find out here! Next In Office provides you with all the tools you need to effectively gain initial exposure, pre-poll and interact with likely voters in your area and begin developing a successful campaign should you choose to run for public office. Pre-polling likely voters is an invaluable tool for someone considering a campaign and Next In Office makes it simple for anyone, school teachers, attorneys, or construction workers, to take that first step in exploring public office. It does not matter if you are a Democrat, Republican or something else, we encourage members of every party to join Next In Office. Click here to explore becoming a Candidate.

Make a Difference as a Supporter!

Unhappy with the way the government is run? Irritated by state government shutdowns, political stalemates and an inability by elected officials to compromise with one another to help the nation? Use Next In Office to find new, intelligent citizens you would like to see run for office. We provide you with the tools to search for potential candidates locally and nationally, interact with them and show your support for their issues and ideas. Make a change, Click here to start searching for new political leaders.

Images provided by The Center for Responsive Politics.