The issue of gay marriage is still a hot topic in the nation, and now the federal government is taking some legislative action.  Not only is the federal government addressing the issue of gay marriage but also the issue of illegal immigration, all in one bill.  This super bill going through the House of Representatives is called the Uniting American Families Act (UAFA).

  Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-VT) and Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D-NY) introduced UAFA in April of 2011.  This bill addresses the problem of gay/lesbian illegal immigrants.  The bill, if
  Over the weekend Senator John Kerry revealed that President Obama will nominate him for the Secretary of State position in which Hillary Clinton is expected to step down. Kerry is known as a liberal senator and a former Democratic Presidential Nominee, as well as for his antiwar testimony. It wouldn’t appear that a man with this history would make Republicans happy, but there are multiple reasons why this nomination has benefits for both parties.

  The Democrats will be happy because a long time senator and
  Many political analysts have been studying the demographic statistics of the election.  Some were very surprised by the low amount of Latino voters that came out to support Romney.  These analysts had a random survey to ask Latino voters why they did or did not support Romney.  The main reason that came from the voters was Romney’s stance on illegal immigration.  The Republicans in the Senate took notice and have introduced a new bill dealing with immigration, called the Achieve Act.

  Introduced by Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchinson (TX-R), Sen. John

    As one of just a handful of Republicans going to be at the Congressman Brad Sherman victory party on election night, I was hoping for a Romney victory so I could rub it in everyone else’s faces. However, once election day arrived, I knew it was not going to be likely. There was no sign Obama would claim victory until the polls started closing. But then, as the hours started going by, it just looked worse and worse for Romney and us Republicans. It was shortly after I arrived at the victory party, when the election was called.