The Ukrainian landscape diminishes further into the grasp of the Russian bear in the absence of a solid United States foreign policy response and an American President unable or unwilling to project utilitarian reprisal and trepidation in the prey of the soaring eagle.

Minnesota just became the twelfth state to legalize gay marriage and it is one of the most widely debated political issues of this generation. More states are starting to allow it and the subject has greatly divided the country. A majority of liberals approve of gay marriage and a majority of conservatives oppose it. While I am one of those conservatives who oppose gay marriage, it is not solely for the same reasons as many others.

     On January 21, 2013, Barack Hussein Obama was sworn into office for his second term.  It is a day that can be noted in history books to come that an African-American male was sworn into office as the President of the United States for the second time.  Inauguration day is always a day that is remembered by all Americans that were alive during that time.  However, not many people that attend the inauguration can fully listen to the words that come from the president’s mouth.

  According to a new poll from Gallup, Congress has a 14% approval rating. Now, in every class and at every school I have ever attended that would be a failing grade; and Congress is doing exactly that, failing. However, so are the people who believe Congress and the rest of the government are failing; Americans.

With just hours before the new year begins, everyone is looking towards Congress to see whether they can agree on a deadline deal in order to avoid the fiscal cliff. Regardless of that outcome and other tax and spending increases and decreases to begin with the new year, there are already plenty of new laws expected to take place when the clock strikes midnight. These laws are on local, state and federal level and there are likely at least a few that will affect you.