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Next In Office is for anyone who has ever considered running for local public office. Use Next In Office to get a feel for what public office is all about and determine the likelihood of executing a successful campaign. By becoming a candidate on Next In Office you will be able to build a profile and utilize our software and tools to publicly present yourself as an aspiring candidate.

The truth is, campaigning for public office, even on a local level, can be time consuming and costly.
Experts say the first step for anyone considering a run for public office is often the most difficult and the most crucial: Gauge the likelihood of a successful campaign before spending any money.

And that is what Next In Office helps you do. To find out if people would vote for you, simply follow the steps below.

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  • Build Your Support Base

  • Promote your personal profile URL and bring supporters directly to your profile page
  • Interact with community members - see if your message, methods and ideas inspire voters
  • Pre-poll likely constituents using our dynamic voting platform
  • Gauge overall support among voters and calculate your chances of a successful campaign

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    Next In Office is in no way a part of, or affiliated with the US government or any US political party.
    By becoming a candidate on Next In Office, you are not legally declaring a run for US public office.