About Next In Office

Our Mission

The mission of Next In Office is to enhance democracy and ensure competitive elections by encouraging everyday, hardworking Americans to run for public office.

About us

With the approval rating of congress at an all time low, many people are losing faith in the ability of our political “leaders” to get work done. Repeated budget stalemates, government shutdowns and fiscal irresponsibility are all the result of a general unwillingness by elected officials to compromise for the good of the country.

Fortunately, the solution to an ineffective government is simple: Replace under-performing politicians. If we stop reelecting long term and career politicians and look towards new, innovative candidates, we can bring new ideas and new leadership methods into local and state governments.

America is full of hard working, upstanding citizens, from police officers and educators, to small business owners and military veterans. These people bring valuable insight and experience to the table. Next In Office provides the tools for them, and everyone else considering a run for public office to interact with the community and poll potential constituents. Any voter interested in finding new city and state leaders can search candidate profiles, learn about important issues, and ultimately cast a vote of support for the candidates they like.